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June, 2016

The weeks since the election have flown by with lots of activities. The most delightful one was that I led a 11 member delegation to our Sister City, Greifswald, Germany May 18-26. We were in Greifswald for five days and every minute was filled with wonderful people, food, sight-seeing and fun. We walked, biked, and got to know and stay with different families, including the newly elected Lord Mayor, his wife and four children. We attended the Opera, Carmen, as well as the opening of the exhibit, "Waterman of the Chesapeake" that included many of our local workers. It is in Greifswald's City Hall until the end of June. Our trip ended with two nights in Berlin with lots more good food and sight-seeing.

We have two other Sister Cities, one in Japan and one in China. We are exploring one in France for the future. These cultural exchanges are an incredible way to experience other cultures and countries. Check the website for more information and plan to go on one or more!

I will be sworn in on July 12, 2016 at 10 am at City Hall. You are all welcome.

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